Stylish and slim as fashion models

Simple & slim spiral staircase "Modelia"
"Modelia" can be constructed in a narrow space, it does not interfere with the interior layout.
Unique technology of Katzden Architec has enabled this design in consideration to safety and slim.



Features of this type are wire draw beautiful three-dimensional curve along the handrail pipe.

Single grid

The most orthodox type of strut pitch. This is popular and stands out the beauty of the spiral staircase.

Minimum grid

Spread the pitch of the grid to support the handrail to the fullest, it is neat type in the most simple that emphasizes the see-through sensation.

Double grid

Based on a single grid type, we added a strut also the center of each stage plate. It is the thing which the combined sense of security and a see-through sensation.

Triple grid

In consideration of the fall prevention, this is the most narrow struts pitch. It is recommended for those who want to focus on security with small children.


Using the tempered glass panel, we also consider the safety without preventing visibility. It is a luxurious high-grade type.