KastomWall Custom Partition

A partition that can be combined with parts for various purposes.
It connects families loosely and creates a new space to live while feeling each other's existence.

Creates new space

Each of my family's behaviors is different, but they are somehow in the same space.
There are many cases to spend like this.
We made this product that connect families while separating space.
Imagine a new life and "customize" the function.

Depending on the viewing direction, appearance and usage differ.
“This side is my space, the other side is your space”,
“The corridor side is for the customer's display,
the room side is practical storage”.
The usage varies from person to person.
Make Kastomwall for your house.


1. You can freely change parts

Changing the parts of partitions will change the atmosphere.
It is good to change the height according to your family's growth.

2. Minimize visible parts

Focusing on the design of details, because it is installed in the place where you spend everyday.
As much as possible, it is designed not to show the part to fix.

【For home】

  • Top side
  • Bottom side

【For office & shop】

  • Top side
  • Bottom side

3. Matches at home and office

There are various places to install custom walls.
It is possible to match with the ceiling height of the space not only in houses but also in offices and shops.

【For home】

Example of use for house placed so that families can spend a reasonable distance.
The fixed part to the ceiling and the floor is designed to be inconspicuous as much as possible.

【For office】

Example of use for office that used properly for visitors and employee.
On the practical space side, necessary documents are stored, and it is shown as a showcase on the visitors side.


Part Material
Prop Structural rolled steel
Frame Plywood, Wallnut wood veneer
Wood board Plywood, Wallnut wood veneer
Steel board Structural rolled steel
Steel pipe Structural steel pipe