ObjeA See-through Staircase

Steel see-through staircase "ObjeA"
You can customize for your choice of Beam, handrail, and step.
A new life begins with an unprecedented beautiful design staircase.


  • Semi-Close

  • Close

  • Saw

  • Open

  • Truss

  • Forte

  • Thunder


  • Horizontal

  • Wire

  • Vertical

  • Glass


  • Wood

  • Steel

  • Glass


  • Straight

  • End Corner

  • 1 Corner

  • 2 Corner


  • Steel Riser

  • Glass Riser

  • Wooden Top-rail


Part Material
Beam Structural rolled steel
Handrail Horizontal : Hot rolled steel plate
Wire : SUS304
Vertical : STKMR
Glass : tempered glass t=8mm
Step Wood : Rubber wood
Steel : Hot rolled steel plate
Glass : tempered glass

Staircase for livingroom

A layout that a family has their own room and goes up the stairs near the entrance and spends themselves in their own room without meeting anyone does give the poor comfort of living in their families.

If there is a staircase in the living room the family will face to face before going to the room. Therefore ObjeA has consideration that it will be able to communicate more naturally as a family member.

In order to put it in the living room finished with quality not less than other furniture, the staircase of design which can become the most beautiful existence in the space is completed.